About us

Welcome to STOP THE CLOCK Design where we pride ourselves in producing distinctive, quirky, design led products with a modern edge. Our hand finished greeting cards are  currently our most loved product.

STOP THE CLOCK Design was born in 2008 after a quick catch up, between two friends, Kathy Slatter and Erin Taylor, blossomed into a creative business idea. Armed with lots of tea, biscuits and big ideas (the occasional company of our 2 jack russells and lots of great friends and family to help along the way) we set up camp in a small studio/shed in the garden…… and our ideas were turned into reality.

With Textiles degrees in our back pockets, two different working styles in the pot and a shared passion for contemporary design, we strive to translate and merge our ideas into beautiful, design-led affordable products. STOP THE CLOCK Design is an inspired union of quirky and traditional design methods. With our knowledge of texture, colour, surface pattern and stitch we can incorporate all these qualities into our products. By involving ourselves in the production of our products each step of the way, we are able to tailor our designs specifically to our requirements and therefore guarantee a super, smashing, great end result.